Saturday, November 26, 2011

La Milagrosa Academy is 101 years old

La Milagrosa Academy will be 101 years old tomorrow. Just in case you'd be interested, I have featured a short history of LMA which I took from the "Calbayog" coffeetable book:

Colegio de la Milagrosa. Soon after his arrival in Calbayog, Bishop Singzon decided that Catholic education should be made available to the women of the town. So he invited the Daughters of Charity of St. Vincent de Paul to set up a school for girls, which was then called Colegio de la Milagrosa. He provided the school with a new two-storey building by the seashore (at the site where it still stands today). With Sor Concepcion Cordnach, DC as first directress, the school opened in 1911. It has an initial enrollment of 100 girls. Established for the purpose of molding damas cristianas (Christian ladies), it proved a boon to the town.

In 1927, the Daughters of Charity left and Mrs. Dolores Hacbang, the sister of the Bishop, became the Directress until 1935 when the Dominican Sisters of Sienna took over the administration. The school (now called La Milagrosa Academy) opened a complete High School and, just before World War II, graduated its first 24 alumnae. The school was closed during the war years. In 1989, the Dominicans returned the administration of the school to the Diocese of Calbayog. Eventually, Fr. Anton Verzosa, a diocesan priest was appointed as its director. Today the Academy remains under the direction of the Diocese, striving to live up to its past tradition and glory. 

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The marker which was unveiled during the LMA Centennial Anniversary Celebration on November 27, 2010.


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